Quality is never an accident; it is always the
result of high intention, sincere effort,
intelligent direction and skillful execution;
it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.

                                                        Will A. Foster

New Home Construction (Turnkey Packages)

As the owner of a new home, you need only to “turn the key” to take possession.  This is because Butler’s Quality Contracting Ltd. assumes total responsibility from design through completion of the Project.

Project Management

If you prefer to act as the general contractor for the construction of your new home, we can help you with your undertaking. We can manage the project from beginning to end or manage certain areas of the project, as you require. You will benefit from our extensive knowledge of the industry and from our many established relationships with quality trades people.

Home Renovations

A homeowner may decide to renovate his or her existing dwelling rather than moving to a new location.  Whether the need for change is due to changing family sizes, desiring more entertaining space or simply the need for a change, we can help you.  Our skilled staff will assist you with planning your renovations in order to minimize disruptions, and to recommend, if requested, the most cost-effective and quality assured materials.

Interior Trim 

Providing interior trim is another one of our specialties.  Many homeowners choose to stylize certain rooms in their homes.  The use of minor changes, for example, the addition of crown mouldings and trims, are becoming quite fashionable.  If you desire to “put a new face on your living-dining area,” we can help you.

Garages and Sheds

If you are pressed for additional storage space, or need shelter for your vehicle, let us help you in the construction of a garage or shed on your existing property. 

Patios and Fences

The addition of a patio will increase the amount of living space available for your family; and add to the pleasures of outdoor living and entertaining during the summer months.  If you need more privacy and/or wish to increase the protection of your property, the addition of fencing is a desirable option.